Trust, Reliability & Transparency

Badem Energy, the Oil & Gas Trading Division of BADEM Group is a new generation independent energy trading company. With experts with decades of industry experience, we have been applying our depth of specialist experience to oil & gas trade logistics, storage and financing across the world.

Badem Energy brings you petroleum products from reliable manufacturers around the globe.

With challenges consistently facing the industry, we are constantly evolving, using advanced systems, procedures and processes to provide the best value for our clients. This evolutionary approach not only applies to our services, but also our people. All of which can give our clients a competitive edge

GLOBAL Expertise. LOCAL Presence.

Worldwide Partnerships

Our experienced trading partnerss are situated in offices across the globe. They include industry professionals with expertise in gas, crude oil, light and middle distillates, as well as bitumen, urea & sulphur as their specialities. We are supported by a highly skilled team of operations, shipping and finance personnel.

At Badem Energy, we are constantly evolving in order to meet new challenges.