Global Innovations at your doorstep

At BADEM, we are on the lookout for innovations from around the world to bring it to the Oman market.

Oman is a special market. The global dynamics are not very reflective of this market. We are the local experts. If you are planning to enter this market, we have got you covered.

Why work with us?

Your partner in business + more

At BADEM, we make it a point to be by our customers side, every time. This is the reason we have been able to grow at a steady pace. Our strength is our customers’ and partners’ trust in us. Our commitment and on-time business has made this possible.

Innovation at Core

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We work with ethical world class brands to explore new business territories & scale their business.

Technical Expertise

The founding team members have each been in technology sector for more than 15 years. We have see the advent of technologies that shaped our lives.

Key to the Local Market

We know Oman like the palm of our hands. Having lived in Oman for a big part of our lives, we know how the market thinks. We are your local experts.


We Provide Solution to Big & Small Organizations

The easies way of transaction

Instrument possession contrasted

Morning assured country

Another journey chamber


We Will Help You, You Know You Want It.

Tony Bowler
IT Manager
Dona Emerson
Web Developer
Tom Haland
Software Developer
Clara Tyson
Data Analyst

This makes us happy 🙂

We were really impressed by how quickly the team at BADEM were able to take our product to the market. We have surpassed our expectations for the market.

J Koya
Manager, International Markets, BMT

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